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At Mint, we believe that better people make better athletes. In our Capstone 12 week course, Mint Academy, athletes 8 and up learn how to apply mental skills such as grit, control, confidence, optimism, and many more skills to the game.

Mint Curriculum
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Lesson 0: What is The Mental Game?

This is the introduction to the game, where you will learn the life skills and tools to be a better athlete and human, and learn how to incorporate them into your daily routine.

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Lesson 1: Recovery

Eat. Sleep. Hydrate. The goal of this first section is to help you better understand the power that recovery provides.

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Lesson 2: Breath

Learn to better understand how proper breathing techniques can train the respiratory system to best support your athletic performance, stress management, and recovery.

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Lesson 3: Goal Setting

Goal setting is a fundamental skill for athletes to optimize performance, provide focus on what’s important, and help give a sense of control and direction.

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Lesson 4: Mental Imagery

Mental skills will not only help you be fully present in every moment, but will also take your play to the next level.

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Lesson 5:Arousal Regulation

There is very little you can actually control, both on and off the baseball field. Focus your energy on what you can control and arousal regulation.

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Lesson 6:Self-Talk

Generating or finding the ability to calm yourself is a skillset you have to develop, and it will help you to consistently optimize your performance.

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Lesson 7: Grit

When life presents challenges, it is important to have grit in order to persevere. Grit is a differentiator in making you one of one.

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Lesson 8: Growth Mindset

A Growth Mindset is key to personal development. In order to achieve your goals as both a player and a person, it’s important to adopt these key traits.

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Lesson 9: Optimism

There are only two lenses through which you can view your future: the lens of optimism or pessimism. Optimism is the only lens of choice.

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Lesson 10: Confidence

Confidence comes from YOU, no one can provide you with it.


My son had not played little league before. At tryouts, he sobbed and told me he never wanted to go on another baseball field for the rest of his life. Then he met his coach, Coach Emmons.

Coach Emmons eased my son’s fears, as well as mine. He helped give my son the courage to just try. That’s all he asked. Because of Coach Emmons, or Coach JA, as the kids call him, I’ve watched my son grow both as a player, and as a human. He has a newfound confidence that I have prayed he would find somewhere in his life. He’s no longer an anxious, scared little boy, but a confident young man, that looks forward to going out on the field every time. I can never thank Coach Emmons enough for helping my son and encouraging him. Even when mistakes are made, he finds a way to make the experience positive and help the kids learn from it.

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