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Why is a Mental Performance Coach Right for your Child?

At Mint Academy, we believe there are two essential requirements of personal development and goal attainment. Grit and a growth mindset. Grit is about having the passion and perseverance to continue pursuing your goals. A growth mindset is the understanding that all skills can be developed through dedication and hard work. These are two essential principles, and they go hand in hand in helping you continually grow both as a person and an athlete.


Grit is at the root of greatness. Great things require great effort and great commitment. Grit is all about having a goal you believe in so much that you're willing to pursue it, even in the face of adversity and short-term failure. Often, those who succeed or achieve great things are those who stay committed for long periods because they believe in their dreams, not timelines; that's grit. It's about expecting tough times and persisting through them. We can help develop grit by hanging on through difficulties and maintaining consistent effort regardless of the day's emotions or feelings.  



An athlete with a growth mindset believes that the most basic abilities and skill sets can be developed through hard work and consistent dedication. These athletes view talent and intelligence as just the starting point. All other necessary skills can be trained and developed through simply a willingness to try, great effort, and persistence. We can help athletes develop a growth mindset through an understanding that skill attainment can often be a messy, clunky, uncomfortable process but one that gets easier each day. The courage to try is at the root of a growth mindset. 



Sports can help kids develop critical qualities to be successful. These qualities are the same ones needed to navigate the game of life successfully. According to data from the National Sports and Society Survey, about 34% of youth who played youth sports scored high on the five-point grit scale compared to 23% who didn't. And 25% of those who never played sports scored low on the grit scale, compared to 17% of former players. At Mint Academy, we help hone these skills and to apply them in all aspects of life. Our future depends on our children's well-being and development. Developing a grit and growth mindset is an important skill set to help young athletes develop. Life and sport will consistently change the demands; these two skills will ensure you can continue meeting them. 

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