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Teaching the game of
life through the lesson of sport

Teaching the game of
life through the lesson of sport

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We don’t need better athletes. We need better competitors.

Every season, Athletes walk away from games they once loved simply because they are ill-equipped to deal with the difficult nature of them. Both sports and life will push back at times. At Mint, we provide the tools to succeed in both arenas. Through resources, mental skills, and 1-1 support, we help you play your best game on the field and live your best life off it.


At Mint, we believe better people make better athletes. In our flagship course, athletes will work 1-1 with me to learn about topics such as confidence, focus, mental imagery, grit, and proper breath work. It's a toolbox of skills necessary for both sport and life.


A 1-1 tailored experience, athlete counseling aims to introduce mental skills while identifying obstacles preventing success. After doing so, we will work closely together to implement those mental skills while making necessary changes to maximize daily efforts.


I work with coaches, organizations, and business leaders to help create environments that empower and allow team members to play their best game. The goal is not only to maximize physical talent but also to solidify mental preparation and drive team culture and cohesion.

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