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Teaching the game of life through the lessons of sports

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Teaching the game of life through the lessons of sports

We believe that better people make better athletes. Through Mint Academy, athletes learn about mental skills as well as grit, control, focus, optimism, confidence, and much more. Need additional information? I would love to discuss if Mint Academy is right for you or your athlete.

What is Mint Academy?

Are you working hard on your game and not finding the results you're looking for? Do you have excellent practices but have not seen results come game time?

At Mint, we believe mental skills are the missing link. Mint Academy aims to arm athletes with a toolbox of skills necessary to excel on and off the field. Proper goal setting, focus, self-discipline, routines, confidence, self-talk, confidence, grit, mental imagery, breath work, and awareness are some of the many essential skills we focus.

When you sign up for Mint Academy, not only do you learn a transformative approach to life but you also receive the following:

• Mint branded welcome box
• Personalized welcome letter
• T-shirt
• Mint Bracelets
• Bag tag/bag pull
• Stickers
• Custom Mint Academy journal
• 2 hours per month of 1-on-1 calls (weekly 30min calls)
• Unlimited messaging support

Don’t miss the chance to sign up for Mint Academy! I would love to help support you in pursuit of your best self.
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Our services

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25+ Years of Experience

As a former professional baseball player, I know the power that a negative mindset can have all too well. The lack of a strong positive mentality can be career-ending. With an extensive background in coaching, from youth athletes to Fortune 500 CEOs, I empower individuals of all ages to live their best lives and play their best games. I help develop positive self-image and self-worth to push people to become the best versions of themselves. I help advance the on-field performance of athletes through age/position-specific workouts, mental skill development, and 1-on-1 consulting.

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