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Help your athlete get the most out of their game.

As a parent, I understand how difficult it can be to watch your athlete not get their desired results. One mistake leads to another, and then it's a downward spiral of poor body language, negative internal self-talk, and more mistakes. You watch your athlete battle perfectionism, tie their confidence to their performance, and play the comparison game. You watch them play great in practice, only to have the big moments in the game be too much to handle. They begin to doubt themselves and question their abilities.

I've seen these scenarios play out repeatedly, and the typical response is more practice or more "specialist training," all trying to "fix" them to produce the results you and they both know they are capable of. Allow me to be the first to say your athlete is not broken and does not need fixing, but what they do need is someone who understands the mental challenges and demands of sport and can offer solutions. If you have seen any of the following, it may be time to see what mental performance training can do for your athlete.

  • A tough time "bouncing back" after a poor performance.

  • Struggling to maintain confidence unless they are playing well

  • Letting one in-game mistake lead to another

  • Trouble transferring skills from practice to the game

  • Perfectionism 

  • Is struggling with coachability focus or resilience. 

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