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Physical skills alone are not enoughMint Compettitors can help you gain the mentaledge needed to consistentley play your best game.

At Mint, we believe that although multiple athletes may be experiencing similar problems, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to solving them. Mint Competitors has a standard curriculum of information, but it is still personalized to the many factors unique to each individual. John-Austin takes the time to establish a relationship of trust, understanding, and respect with each client in an effort to deliver the best possible outcomes for each athlete. Athletes will learn

  • An education on how the brain works.

  • How limiting thoughts and beliefs keep you from your best performance.

  • Visualization and goal setting.

  • Pre, post, and in-game routines.

  • Better stress and emotional management.

  • Focus and discipline.

  • The power of routines, habits, and time management.

Mint Competitor Service Offerings


1-on-1 Personalized Mental Performance Coaching

  • Initial assessment.

  • Weekly 1-on-1 training calls (Virtual).

  • Workbook complete with all weekly lessons.

  • Unlimited email/text support.

  • "Homework" assignments.

2-month relationship with options to continue month-to-month afterward.

(*Small group available upon request).

This is for the athlete who

  • Struggles to let go of a negative performance.

  • Lacks consistent confidence and only has it if they're playing well.

  • Battles perfectionism and is constantly worried about what others think if they don't play well.

  • "Knows" their not getting the most out of their game.

  • Wants to consistently show up with the best chance to succeed.

  • Want to get the most out of their athletic ability.

  • Want to take their game to the next level with the help that a mental performance coach can provide.

Team/Coach Consulting

  • Initial needs-based assessment.

  • Practice structure guidance.

  • Mental skills implementation.

  • Guidance on creating environments of optimal team cohesion and performance.

  • Tools and resources for team implementation

This is for the team or coach who

  • Understands the need for mental performance coaching but needs guidance.

  • Want's his/her team to show up in a more consistent fashion.

  • Wants to help build pre, post, and in-game routines.

  • Wants to create the best environment to help his/her athletes thrive.

  • Wants team building resources to create maximum cohesiveness and perfromace 

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